Disney Activates Call-Ups from Farm System to Help With Holiday Crowds

Ramirez, Thompson Called Up From Disney Farm League

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Disney Activates Call-Ups from Farm System to Help With Holiday Crowds

Call-Ups to Help With Seasonal Crowds

It’s December, which means it’s time for call-ups from Disney’s farm system. Daniel Ramirez from Idaho and Brenda Thompson from California were called up today. They will help with the increase in crowds expected during the holiday season. Ramirez will be deployed to the End Zone Food Court while Thompson will be assigned to assist with pre-parade preparations.

“The first thing I did was call my mom,” Ramirez said about this call-up. “I’ve been training hard in Disney’s farm system for years. My hard work has finally paid off.”

Disney’s farm system, dubbed “Farm U” by its participants, is a training ground for Cast Members. There are satellite campuses nationwide but the main campus is in Allentown, Florida. While there, would-be Cast Members train in a variety of roles for several years. Many get cut from the program and others simply just die of old age. Once you have proven yourself at Farm U, Disney brass calls up the best of the best to work at Walt Disney World. Graduates get deployed to very important roles such as cashier at Pecos Bill’s or parking lot tram operator.

Talent Scout to the All-Stars

Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III is a talent scout for Disney’s farm system. He travels all over the nation trying to find the next big thing. When he makes his recommendation to Disney, they often hire that person immediately. Geronimo recalls scouting Thompson on a visit to the satellite campus in Dorris, California.

“I spotted her from about 300 yards away,” said Geronimo. “She was on the practice parade route setting up stanchions and taping arrows on the asphalt. The speed at which she completed the course was a nationwide record. The Cast Members currently doing parade preparation on Main Street don’t have the numbers Thompson does. She’s the real deal.”

Brenda Thompson was excited and rightfully cocky when asked about the call-up.

“I wish I could sit here and say I was surprised, but I’m not,” boasted Thompson. “When I set my mind to do something, I do it. I completed that parade prep course in record time.”

Thompson also holds the record for the shortest stint at Farm U.

“I entered the program and got called up in three months,” bragged Thompson. “The next quickest call-up after mine happened in two years.”

Disney officials seemed eager to sign Thompson to a full-time job. She is the first call-up to receive a signing bonus of a free Mickey’s PhilharMagic fast pass and unlimited refills on the beverage of her choice for one day only.

“If that doesn’t scream their confidence in me, I don’t know what does,” Thompson said of the signing bonus.

Ramirez and Thompson are expected to arrive in Orlando as early as next week. Both will attend final training and if they pass the hazing test, they will begin working full time at Walt Disney World by the following Friday.

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