Rafiki's Planet Watch To Become Rafiki's Apple Watch

Rafiki’s Planet Watch To Reopen As Rafiki’s Apple Watch

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Rafiki's Planet Watch To Become Rafiki's Apple WatchShould Rafiki Upgrade His Apple Watch?:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom announced the closure of Rafiki’s Planet Watch this week. The attraction had taught guests about conservation and animal well-being. It also taught them how to waste an hour of their lives.

When news of the closure spread, fans of the attraction (Todd and Lisa Bing) were devastated. Many people in the Twitter universe quickly feigned sadness in a veiled effort to gain sympathy. For those people, Typhoid Lagoon has some great news. You no longer have to pretend like this closing affects you! We have it on good authority that the attraction is merely closing for a quick refurbishment and should re-open by the beginning of 2019. Most importantly, this new attraction will be sponsored by a little-known Silicon Valley start-up named Apple.

The new attraction will be called Rafiki’s Apple Watch. It will follow Rafiki as he has to decide whether to upgrade his device now or to sit this product cycle out to upgrade next year.

“We’re very excited to partner with Apple once again,” said Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III. Geronimo is Vice President of Corporate Sponsorships For Theme Park Rides for the Walt Disney Company. “Guests will see life through Rafiki’s eyes as he deals with the tough decisions on whether to upgrade the technology that surrounds his life.”

The attraction won’t just deal with the Apple Watch, Geronimo said. Other Apple-branded products will be heavily featured.

“Guests will not only witness Rafiki struggle with whether to upgrade to the Apple Watch 4 but also other Apple products like the iPhone and the Apple Pencil,” said Geronimo. “I can’t think of a better Disney character to partner with Apple than Rafiki!”


Attraction Shifts From Conservation to Consummation:

The attraction will depart from a conservation and environment theme and shift more toward a theme of consumerism. The attraction will primarily utilize guests’ smart phones to convey their message. Each guest will be given a fictional amount of digital currency. Guests must then help Rafiki decide if and when to upgrade his devices.

“Guests will have the chance to look at Rafiki’s budget and decide whether he can afford to upgrade during this cycle. It is a very relatable and First World Problem we all face,” concluded Geronimo.

We here at Typhoid Lagoon think this is a brilliant idea and really stays true to the original mission of Animal Kingdom. What do you think? Post your opinion in the comments below.

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