Donald Trump Animatronic Too Large For Structure

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With the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Campaign behind us, Disney Imagineers are now focused on creating the Donald Trump Audio Animatronic to add to the Hall of Presidents attraction. Sources are informing us that it appears as though they have already run into trouble.

“Well, in order to get the Donald Trump Animatronic as authentic as possible, I think we’re going to have to gut the whole building and reinforce the structure that supports all of the presidents,” Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, the Structural Engineer for the Hall of Presidents tells us. “The weight of the figure is at a level we haven’t seen since we implemented Taft.”

William Howard Taft was America’s 27th President and was the heaviest president to date, weighing in at over 350 pounds. His Audio Animatronic was added to the Hall of Presidents in the summer of 1909 and the structure supporting him is still regarded by many as an engineering marvel today.

Geronimo tells us that cracks in the Trump foundation were discovered almost immediately and that fixing those would require the entire building to come apart so that Imagineers can access the structure. It would be a costly and extremely time consuming process, according to Geronimo.

The problem may have developed when the assembly scheduling software “glitched.”  The software is responsible for telling Imagineers when to pour the concrete and when to assemble each piece once the concrete has cured. Sources tell us that the glitch occurred when the software told Imagineers to begin assembling Trumps ample waistline before the foundation was ready to support such a load.

“I think the Animatronic will be stable, as long as it doesn’t move,” said Lead Imagineer Anthony Perking. “We may have to introduce a strobe light or something else to give the illusion of motion until a proper solution can be explored.”

Perking went on to tell us that once completed, the Donald Trump Audio Animatronic will be the most advanced and complex Animatronic created by Disney to date.

“Another tricky part will be getting the lasers to fire from his tiny fingers, but the flames shooting out of his mouth when he talks is gonna be friggen awesome! It looks just like it does when he talks on TV!” concluded Perking.

Perking also said that Imagineers are using T-Rex and Godzilla screams to simulate Trump’s speech until he can record a custom message, but he did hint that they may just use the screams anyway.

We will have more updates on the situation as it unfolds.

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