All Road Signs Being Updated with Comic Sans Font

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The Reedy Creek Improvement District announced today that they will be doing a complete overhaul of the road signs around Walt Disney World to incorporate the popular Comic Sans font.

The RCID is the governing jurisdiction that overseas the municipal services for Walt Disney World. They announced the change of font in response to guest complaints about the road signs not being easy enough to read.

“We are very excited to be incorporating the Comic Sans font in all of our road signs,” said Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, Interim Vice President of RCID’s Transportation Signage Division. “Guests have been asking us for a more ‘whimsical’ font for the road signs and I think Comic Sans captures both the elegance and whimsy that we’re looking for, and then some.”

News of the font replacement sent shares of Comic Sans stocks soaring to $358 a share.

“We’ve always suspected that Comic Sans was the cornerstone of the Fab Five Fonts and this just proves it,” said Marvin Verdana, an investment banker who trades exclusively with font-based stocks. “Times New Roman has had a good run, but Comic Sans will likely be adapted to be the new default font once Disney puts up the new signs.”

Verdana was referring to the Fab Five Fonts of Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Tahoma, and Comic Sans. The Fab Five are standard fonts that are readable on nearly 100% of computers today.

The Comic Sans Society was the group who had been lobbying the RCID to change their road sign fonts to Comic Sans. We spoke with Julie Helvetica, Vice President of Media Relations for The Comic Sans Society when news of the font swap broke.

“We have prayed to our gods for many years,” Helvetica told us under the cover of her hooded cape. “This move will show all of the non-believers that Comic Sans is no joke, and we are here to claim our rightful place as leader of the Fab Five.”

Geronimo told us that the RCID approved the font swap by a vote of 4-1. The lone vote of dissension was Ariel Arial, the heiress to the Arial font empire.

“I just don’t think now is a good time to switch,” Arial told us. “Guests are usually quite receptive to big changes, but something tells me that this is not going to fly [with the guests].”

Disney will begin replacing fonts on the road signs as soon as next week. The project should be completed by the end of the year.

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