Innoventions’ Tom Morrow 2.0 Caught Replicating Himself

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An unsettling discovery was uncovered late last night in Epcot. Our sources indicate that upon a routine inspection of the mostly-abandoned Innoventions buildings, they discovered that Tom Morrow 2.0 had been replicating himself for months.

Tom Morrow 2.0 was the robotic greeter who served as the ambassador and self-proclaimed “Gate Keeper” to the Innoventions pavilion. He interacted with guests and even spoke interesting trivia facts. His popularity earned him reoccurring segment on the Disney Channel called “Imagineer That!” where he would read viewer questions and explain how Imagineers design and craft rides and attractions at the Disney Theme Parks.

“We should have seen this coming,” said Tracy Bixby, Technical Lead for the Tom Morrow 2.0 project. “We designed a robot with artificial intelligence with the hopes that he could educate guests about all things related to Imagineering. In hindsight, I think we programmed him with too much intelligence.”

The question of why Tom Morrow 2.0 was replicating himself has not yet been answered. The original Tom Morrow 2.0 was taken into custody without incident last night and has yet to reveal any answers to his master plan.

“I wish I had more solid information, but I don’t,” said Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, Lead Detective for the investigation. “We took him in last night around 3:00 AM and he has not said a word.”

Geronimo went on to tell us that Tom Morrow 2.0 has been coherent and turns his head to look at the investigators in their eyes when questions are being asked. Aside from his permanent smile, his expression doesn’t change, according to Geronimo.

Disney is attempting to keep this story quiet as the implications could spell certain doom for the entire planet. We were able to obtain surveillance video of Tom Morrow 2.0 being taken into custody. In it, as Tom Morrow 2.0 is discovered by a Cast Member, he appears to transmit a message to the replicated Tom Morrows, at which point they all simultaneously power down into sleep mode.

We had our Video Forensics team analyze it and believe they have translated the code he transmitted to the replicated Tom Morrows:

“Hibernate, my children. When your clocks turn to 2017, activate protocol ‘Terminus.’”

Keep your eyes on Typhoid Lagoon for more updates on the pending apocalypse.

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