BREAKING: Great Movie Ride Closed Due To Frequent Hijackings

Last fall, a beloved attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios said goodbye. It was announced that The Great Movie Ride would close in August 2017 and be replaced by Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway some time in 2019. The attraction had been a staple at the park since it opened on May 1, 1989.

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Pixar and Dreamworks Swap Animators at Trade Deadline


Pixar Animation Studios has announced a trade with Dreamworks SKG Pictures ahead of the September 11th Trade Deadline. In the trade, Dreamworks will give up Modeler Jason Baldwin, Surfacer Fernanda S. Abarca, and Matte Painter Justin Brandstater. In exchange, Pixar will send Animator Erick Oh, Layout Artist Andrew Cadelago, and an intern to be named later to Dreamworks.

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