Epcot Adding FEMA Trailers Ahead of Festivals

FEMA Trailers Being Added to Epcot

Epcot Prepares for New Wave of Guests:

The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot kicks off on August 30th. Disney has begun moving in FEMA trailers in preparation for the large crowds expected during the park’s festival season.

Over the years, the Food and Wine Festival has grown exponentially in popularity. Epcot … Continue reading this fake story…

The Flat Spaceship Earth Society Gains Traction

Flat (Spaceship) Earth Society

Group Vows to Defy Logic and Common Sense

A very small yet vocal group of slow thinkers have recently been gaining mainstream traction. They call themselves the Flat Spaceship Earth Society. The FSES believes that the Spaceship Earth attraction at Epcot is actually flat. They say that there isn’t enough evidence to support the attraction as a geodesic … Continue reading this fake story…

Living With The Land Experiences COLOSSAL 15-Minute Wait!

In a sign that the busy summer season at Walt Disney World is in full swing, our network of spies have informed us that the Living with the Land attraction in Epcot experienced a rare 15-minute stand-by wait yesterday.

“We’re still running the numbers but first reports are indicating that these wait times are accurate,” said Thomas Jefferson Geronimo … Continue reading this fake story…

Top 10 Places to Break Up at Walt Disney World

You think a trip to Disney World is going to save your relationship but you are dead wrong. If anything, this vacation of yours has intensified your hate for one another. With this in mind, we present to you the top 10 places to break up throughout Walt Disney World, courtesy of Typhoid Lagoon’s Senior Relationship Expert, Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III.

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Epcot to Add North Korea to World Showcase

Our spies have uncovered permits detailing the addition of North Korea to Epcot’s World Showcase lineup. The last time World Showcase received a new country came way back in 1988 when Norway was added. Since then, several additions have been rumored and even announced but for one reason or another, all of those plans fell through. It appears as though … Continue reading this fake story…