Bootleg Plastic Straws Becoming A Problem

Bootleg Plastic Disney Straws Selling Illegally Off Property

Discount Plastic Straws Being Sold Off-Property:

This week Disney announced they will eliminate the use of single-use plastic straws from their parks by mid-2019. Many applauded the move saying that it shows that Disney is doing its best to lead the way in conservation efforts. Critics of the move say it’s insensitive to those needing … Continue reading this fake story…

Survey Finds Guests Love Parking Garages

article-parking-garagesThe results of a recent survey have confirmed what many of us have already speculated: guests love parking garages.

Disney confirmed the survey results yesterday after an eight-month-long study asking guests to identify which part of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort was their favorite. The survey found that guests overwhelmingly chose “parking garages” over any other option.

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Breaking News: First Look at Hurricane Matthew Damage


As the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort re-open today, Typhoid Lagoon reporters were granted full media access around the property to see what kind of damage Hurricane Matthew inflicted. We first made our way to Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom:

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