Joe Rohde Earring Watch: UPDATE

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Imagineer Joe Rohde’s earring over the years and have some exciting news to report. It appears as though his earring has now sagged down to the point just above his name tag.

Joe Rohde is Executive Designer and Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative division. Rohde has been with … Continue reading this fake story…

Disney to Offer Free Quarantine Zones

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With the threat of the deadly Zika virus inching closer to the Orlando, Walt Disney World Resort will begin offering access to free “total isolation tents” for guests who are concerned the virus may disrupt their vacations.

“We are very excited to announce our new patent-pending ‘Quarantine Zones’ to each of our four theme parks,” Janet Tousley, … Continue reading this fake story…

New SWAT Team Attraction in the Works

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Rumors about an exciting new attraction at Disney World have been circulating online in the previous days. The new ride is set to simulate the experience of being on a real life SWAT Team. Our sources tell us that this attraction will debut in Fantasyland at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

“We are very excited … Continue reading this fake story…

Fan Site Dares to Rate Restaurants on Scale of 7

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A local Disney World fan site uses a seven-point scale to rate restaurants. It’s a bold and daring move that has revolutionized how restaurants are rated and has put other Disney rating sites on notice.

This radical idea was generated by Thomas Corkless, curator for a Walt Disney World fan site.

“We needed a way … Continue reading this fake story…

Disney to LOWER Ticket Prices

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In an unusual move, The Walt Disney Company announced last Thursday that they plan to decrease the cost of a single-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom in Florida’s Walt Disney World.

Currently, the price of admission to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for a single day during their “Peak” season can be up to $124. Realizing … Continue reading this fake story…