Typhoid Lagoon is a parody Disney site. It was formerly located on Netcot.com for about a week before my politically-incorrectness and an unwillingness to work with a slow-ass server made switching identities the best choice.

I started Netcot with Van. It started as a best-of “links” site in the late 90’s, then morphed to a comprehensive guide to everything related to Walt Disney World. It made a slight shift when those “serious” descriptions of rides and attractions were changed to “funny” ones. Van then took over complete control of the site, making it a podcast and discussion board only site, which ended up being what put the site on the map and making it popular. From there, Netcot.com went to a podcast-only site. When that died down, there was a few years of “coming soon” teases that never materialized. Its latest reincarnation was a parody site, which you see before you today. Today Netcot.com is back to collecting dust in the attic of all the Disney sites. But the parody site of Netcot.com lives on as Typhoid Lagoon.com.

I thought the idea of a parody site was great. To my knowledge, it hasn’t really been done before with a Disney Theme Park-themed website. (If it has, hey – shoot me an email. Let’s team up!) I love writing. I love writing nonsense even more. This is a perfect fit.

Enjoy your time here and please, don’t take anything you’ve read seriously. If you do take it seriously, please know that it is you that I am making fun of.