Disney's Skyliner Will NOT Have A Microwave On Board

Skyliner Will NOT Have Microwave

Walt Disney World

Disney's Skyliner Will NOT Have A Microwave On Board

Guests Will Have to Heat Hot Pockets Elsewhere

Disney announced last week that new Skyliners will NOT have microwaves aboard. Many guests were shocked to discover this after they naturally assumed a microwave would be present.

“No microwave on Disney’s #Skyliner?! Uh, WOT?!? What am I supposed to eat from Point A to Point B?” tweeted @TomMotionless.

“What are my non-vaccinated babies supposed to drink aboard the #DisneySkyliner? ROOM TEMPERATURE gluten free almond milk?” tweeted @DisneyMomm.

The Skyliner project is an ambitious new way to transport guests to the theme parks. Construction has already begun and is scheduled to open some time in 2019. The exclusion of a microwave has baffled many theme park industry experts.

“Frankly, I don’t see the logic,” said Bryun Ternor. Ternor is a theme park enthusiast and Editor of Theme Park Daily magazine. He also spells his name really stupid. “It seems like one of those obvious omissions. Gondolas all over the world have some basics on board including benches, windows, and microwaves. It kind of seems to me like Disney did zero research on this.”

Typhoid Lagoon spoke to Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III who is Vice President of the Gondola Amenities Division for Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. They are the company who won the bid to manufacture Disney’s Skyliners.

“We worked with Disney to create a custom design for their gondolas,” said Geronimo. “They opted to forego the inclusion of a microwave inside the cabin. The choice is rare, but I wouldn’t say it’s bizarre or unheard of. If you ask me, they’re thinking you’ll be on this thing for no more than 15 minutes. If you can’t handle not being able to stuff your face with food in that short amount of time, then you’ve got bigger problems.”


No Hope For Microwaves in the Future

Although Disney has been willing to listen to the feedback regarding the lack of a microwave, they seem unwilling to budge on their stance.

“If guests have items they wish to heat up while on our Skyliners, we suggest placing those items outside and on top of the cabins themselves,” wrote a spokesperson in a statement from Walt Disney Parks. “We welcome guests to place items on top of the cabin like they would when entering a vehicle.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the Skyliners will not have any cargo nets or baskets on top of the cabins to keep their items in place.

“I don’t think they’ll fall off,” the spokesperson wrote.

In a follow-up email, we asked Disney if they would ever consider adding a microwave to the gondolas in the future. They responded with a simple “No” without any signature in their email or anything.

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