Chewbacca Star Wars Spin-Off In The Works

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In response to positive reaction from the Solo film that was just released, Disney and Lucasfilm will be creating a Star Wars spin-off movie comprised entirely of Chewbacca’s origin story.

“We’re very excited to finally tell the stories found in the Star Wars universe from a Wookiee point of view,” said Courtney Villas, Vice President of the Star Wars Infiltration Initiative at Disney/Lucasfilm. “We got a taste of [Chewbacca’s origin story] in the prequels and fans were left with craving more from the world of Kashyyyk.”

For those of you who haven’t ever seen a Star Wars movie (Todd and Kyle), Wookiees speak Shyriiwook, which to human ears sounds like a lot of grunting and moaning.

“It’s about time Star Wars films ‘class it up’ a little by making a truly foreign film complete with subtitles,” concluded Villas. “There will not be a single line of English spoken in this film; just 120 minutes of Wookiees speaking.”

One person who was thrilled at this news was Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III. Geronimo is Vice President (and charter member) of the Wookiee fan club. They take their fandom so seriously that they completely immerse their everyday lives in Wookiee culture.


Geronimo went on to mention that this Chewbacca spin-off film will take a page out of the Black Panther playbook and will be comprised of an entirely Wookiee cast in an attempt to create more diversity in Hollywood.


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