Epcot to Add North Korea to World Showcase

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Our spies have uncovered permits detailing the addition of North Korea to Epcot’s World Showcase lineup. The last time World Showcase received a new country came way back in 1988 when Norway was added. Since then, several additions have been rumored and even announced but for one reason or another, all of those plans fell through. It appears as though that is all about to change.

Hoping to capitalize on the public’s increased awareness of North Korea as of late, Disney hopes park guests will arrive in masses to visit this completely immersive experience. When we reached out to Disney for comment, they initially denied the rumors. However, after bribing them with a Dole Whip, they confirmed the rumor.

“All of World Showcase’s pavilions have their own level of immersion but with North Korea, we’re definitely going to ‘plus it’,” says Jeff Santiago, Vice President of the More New Countries Division for Disney Parks. “This will be an over-the-top immersion that will hopefully bring awareness to the conditions under which North Koreans live every day. It’s going to be a hoot.”

Santiago went on to explain that the North Korean pavilion will feature a gated checkpoint where guests must surrender their personal belongings and change into state-approved attire. The area will be a Wi-Fi and cellular-free zone, meaning no communications will get in… or out. The pavilion will also house a new five-star restaurant and a boat ride.

“The Five-Star restaurant refers to Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews, not the cuisine,” Santiago corrected. “If guests don’t vote five stars after their meal is complete, they will be… dealt with.”

One person who is very excited about the new country is Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, who will be Kim Jong Un’s successor when his contract expires in 2019. Un has publicly stated that once his term ends, he wants test the waters of dictator free agency.

“We’re really excited about the plans,” said Geronimo. “The boat ride is going to be amazing. You thought the Shaman from that Avatar ride was amazing; wait until you see the Kim Jong Un Animatronic.”

The pavilion and attraction will be located between Japan and Morocco and are slated to open by Fall 2020.

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