PizzeRizzo Granted Special License From Health Inspector

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Hollywood Studios’ new quick service pizza restaurant PizzeRizzo is set to open later this week in place of the old Pizza Planet. Our sources have indicated to us that the health inspector granted the restaurant a special license to allow rats to do most of the food preparation for the guests.

PizzeRizzo is named after the famous Muppet rat Rizzo, and will feature many of his signature pizzas that he learned to prepare while studying under Chef Bobby Flay in New York City. Ordinarily, rats are generally discouraged from being anywhere around any food source that will eventually be consumed by humans. However, PizzeRizzo was granted a special license to allow Rizzo to dazzle restaurant patrons with his signature touch.

“It was a little touch-and-go there for awhile,” said Anna Calloway, Vice President of Disney’s Rodent Food Preparation Initiative. “We weren’t sure if the health inspector was going to go for such a wild idea.”

Calloway went on to tell us that what eventually sealed the deal was a one-on-one with Rizzo himself.

“When Rizzo heard of the trouble we were having letting him touch human food, he insisted on a face-to-face so he could prove the inspector wrong,” Calloway continued. “Our health inspector was enchanted by the explosion of flavors in his mouth after tasting one of Rizzo’s signature pizzas. At the end, he could not apologize to Rizzo enough.”

Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III is Disney’s Chief Health Inspector. He was the one who eventually signed off on the idea.

“I get all sorts of crazy requests from Disney when it comes to their food preparation,” Geronimo said. “I’ve had every crazy request ranging from drones preparing food to armless amputees preparing food to Mexicans preparing food. I usually deny most of those requests, but having a rat prepare my food? Tasting is believing and I am a believer now.”

Allowing Rizzo to prepare food for humans is a monumental change that is a huge leap forward for animal rights. Calloway suspected that this special license would likely open the door to allow Remy from Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille to open his own restaurant some day.

PizzeRizzo is scheduled to open this Friday, November 18, 2016.

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