Disney to Debut Magic Your Way Cheat Meals

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Disney officials are set to unveil a new approach to dining throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s called “Magic Your Way Cheat Meal” and it is designed for those who are trying to eat healthy, but still want the occasional opportunity to “cheat” on their diet without consequence.

A “cheat meal” is a way people reward themselves for eating healthy all week. Typically, the indulgence is something unhealthy like a pizza, a cheeseburger, a hot-fudge sundae, or a Hot Pocket. In moderation, these foods have a place among a balanced diet. But for guests visiting Walt Disney World, it can be extremely difficult choosing just one “cheat.” This is why the “Magic Your Way Cheat Meal” plan was developed.

“Our guests don’t have to limit themselves to having just one ‘cheat meal’ while visiting Walt Disney World. They can have a ‘cheat length-of-your-stay’,” said Vivian Amoré, Vice President of Disney’s Nutrition Division. “They can eat whatever they want for the length of their stay at Walt Disney World and not have to worry about compromising their diet.”

It works like this. For $39.95 a day, guests can pay for the right to purchase whatever meals or snacks they desire that may lie outside their normal healthy eating habits. Instead of indulging on your favorite unhealthy meal for just one day, guests can pay for the right to have a cheat meal every day for the length of their stay.

“We worked closely with the healthy eating industry and they all said it was okay,” Amoré said about the Magic Your Way Cheat Meal plan. “You can eat whatever you want and not feel guilty, as long as you purchase our plan.”

Guests who purchase the option will receive a certificate indicating participation in the Magic Your Way Cheat Meal as well as being completely exonerated from any unhealthy foods they may have eaten.

To see how this plan works, we spoke with Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, who is a Food Critic for the “Whatchya Eatin’, Bae?” website.

“It’s really quite brilliant,” Geronimo tells us. “What Disney realized is that no one has ever clearly defined how long a Cheat Meal lasts. Who’s to say when the meal is over? I could say that I’m taking a five minute break or a five hour break and still consider that one meal. With this optional plan, Disney took the liberty in defining how long a cheat meal lasts. Lucky for park guests who purchase this plan, the Magic Your Way Cheat Meal plan lasts as long as you’re visiting the Walt Disney World.”

Geronimo went on to tell us that he is most excited to attempt to conquer decadent desserts like “The Kitchen Sink” at Beaches & Cream or the “10 Gallon Hat” at Whispering Canyon Café under this new plan.

“It’s great because none of those calories will count toward my diet!” exclaimed Geronimo. “I’d say that’s worth $40 a day.”

The Magic Your Way Cheat Meal plan will go into effect starting on January 1, 2017. You will be able to add this option onto your Disney Dining Plan or add it to your park tickets upon purchase.

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