Day Ruined Because Mom Forgot Daylight Savings Time



A mother of three visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is in hot water with her family because she forgot Daylight Savings Time ended today. Doris Henley is in charge of making sure everyone in her family gets up in the mornings so they can make their breakfast reservations on time.

“I feel so embarrassed,” Henley told us, still visibly shaken. “My family counts on me to keep everyone ready and on-time to our scheduled events and this morning I blew it.”

The mistake originated when Henley’s daughter Jessica went back to the hotel room early yesterday. While there, she ignored and discarded the message left under the door by hotel staff alerting guests to the pending time change. Doris Henley missed this memo and went to sleep last night not knowing Daylight Savings Time ended.

“It’s totally my fault,” Henley continued. “I wish I could go back and correct the mistake but I can’t. It’s just something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life.”

Matters were made worse when the family decided to partake in last night’s Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom. The park was open until 1am. The Henley family did not return to their hotel room until well after 2am. This lack of sleep led them to blindly accept that Doris Henley knew what time it was.

“This happens more than you think,” Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, Vice President of Disney’s Daylight Savings Time Initiative told us. “Guests forget about the clocks moving forward or backward and their next day is in shambles as they try to correct their mistake. It truly is heartbreaking.”

The mistake was not caught until the Henley’s arrived to their breakfast reservations an hour early. This is when the reality of what just happened bitch-slapped everyone right in the face.

“I mean, like, what a bitch, you know?” Doris’ daughter Jessica told us. “I’m like – hello? – ever hear of a watch, much? Duh!”

So far the Henley family has been relentless in teasing Doris for her mistake. Our sources also indicate that her husband Jeff has yet to defend her. We’ll keep you posted as more details develop.

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