Big Thunder Mountain’s Closure Ruins Family’s Vacation

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The scheduled refurbishment of Magic Kingdom’s Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster has ruined one family’s vacation.

“I can’t believe I’ve invested all of this money into this vacation and then they close the damn ride!” Anthony Anderson, father of two said about the closure. “Why couldn’t they just wait until after we visit?”

The trouble began when Anderson started planning his bi-annual vacation a month ago. Although he admits to not checking Disney’s refurbishment schedule, he claims Disney should have given him a courtesy call the moment his hotel reservation were confirmed.

“A phone call would have been nice,” Anderson continued. “All they needed to tell me on the phone was, ‘Hey, by the way, Big Thunder is closed.’ and I would have re-booked.”

Anderson went on to reveal that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is not even his favorite ride, or even his kids’ favorite.

“It’s a tradition, that’s all,” Anderson said. “We make one stop at Big Thunder right before heading to our family’s all-time favorite ride, Splash Mountain. I don’t know how I’m going to break it to the kids.”

A spokesperson for Disney seemed unsympathetic on the matter.

“Let me just say that I totally get having a favorite ride closed during your vacation,” Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, Vice President of Disney’s Ridiculous Complaints Department said. “Normally, it really sucks but I don’t believe Mr. Anderson or his family even enjoy Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as much as he claims. What Mr. Anderson fails to realize is that the data coming from his MagicBand tells a different story.”

According to Geronimo, Anderson did not ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at all during the last three trips his family took to Disney World.

“So he either didn’t ride it, or he wore his MagicBand on Country Bear Jamboree, took it off AND STASHED THE MAGICBAND for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and then put it back on again for Splash Mountain. I’m calling bullshit on this one,” concluded Geronimo.

We reconnected with Anderson to give him a chance to refute Geronimo’s claims. He declined a formal interview but sent us this response via email:

“Whether I chose to ride Big Thunder during my previous vacation is irrelevant. It’s going to be closed for my next trip and I demand Disney correct their mistake with at least comping my entire vacation. I will settle for an ice cream, though.”

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