Victoria & Albert’s To Add Boxed Lunches

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article-boxed-lunchesDue to overwhelming response, The Walt Disney Company announced today that fine dining destination Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will soon be adding a “Boxed Lunch” option to their world class menu. The boxed lunches were first sold as a means for survival to those guests riding out Hurricane Matthew from their Walt Disney World Resort hotel room.

The original boxed lunches were sold for $12.99 to guests who had no other means to feed themselves while most of Walt Disney World Resort restaurants were closed due to the approaching hurricane. They consisted of a deli sandwich, an apple, a bag of chips, and a store-bought chocolate chip cookie.

“Our guests were extraordinarily satisfied with their boxed lunches,” Samuel Morris, Vice President of Culinary Survival Entrées for Walt Disney World Resort said. “Many were asking if the boxed lunches would be available after the storm too. We even caught some rumblings of guests thinking we weren’t charging enough for such a delicious meal.”

On Thursday night into Friday, Twitter was briefly trending with people enjoying their survival rations.

“Disney has done it again!” tweeted user @CulinaryWizzzard. “Another culinary masterpiece!”

“Worth the wait!” tweeted @DisneeMom4352. “We’ll cancel resi’s at #LeCellier if we can get our hands on these again!”

The master chef behind the boxed lunches is no stranger to success. Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III is Vice President of Disney’s Haphazard Food Division, and has been responsible for other past favorites such as Main Street Popcorn and the Frontierland Turkey Legs. He was also successful in negotiating the deal that brought delicious Beverly Cola to the mouths of unsuspecting guests at Epcot’s Coca-Cola Club Cool store.

“It’s a gift from Allah,” said Geronimo of his talents. “When I need a groundbreaking idea, I just pray and He answers my prayers with amazing food ideas. I knew I had something special when I discovered the boxed lunch.”

No word on when Victoria & Albert’s will be adding the Boxed Lunch to their menu but our sources indicate the dish will first be available only to guests dining at the Chef’s Table, and will be available for the nominal fee of $49.99.

Dining at Victoria & Albert’s? Let us know what you think of the Boxed Lunch in the comments below.

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