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Starting just in time for Valentine’s Day 2017, The Walt Disney Company announced today that they will soon be adding an optional “Romance” package to their popular PhotoPass feature.

“Currently, Walt Disney World Cast Members are strategically stationed throughout the parks to take your photo in front of a landmark,” Melissa West, Vice President of Disney’s PhotoPass Expansion Initiative said. “When looking for ways to expand this feature, we came up with the idea to invite our trained professional photographers into your hotel room to capture your unforgettable vacation memories.”

For $99.99 an hour, you can hire a PhotoPass photographer to document your romantic evening at the Walt Disney World Resort. What gets documented will be completely up to the guest.

“Guests may choose to capture a romantic dinner lit by candlelight or if things are going really well, guests may opt for the photographer to enter their hotel room to capture the evening’s explosive finale,” West told us.

When asked if anything was off-limits, West told us that as soon as the bedroom door closes, “anything goes.”

We spoke with Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, a park guest who participated in a “soft opening” of this new expanded PhotoPass feature earlier this summer.

“I thought it was great. We hired Laura [Kong, PhotoPass expert who has since retired] to be our photographer for the evening,” Geronimo said. “We started with a romantic dinner at the All-Star Resorts End Zone Food Court and finished it off with our standard dominatrix-themed lovemaking session. My wife and I were very pleased with how the pictures turned out.”

The Disney PhotoPass photographers can be hired hourly and will come equipped with the latest in DSLR camera technology, portable lighting, a 16-35mm lens (for extreme wide shots), a 70-200mm lens (for extreme close-ups), earplugs, and rain covers for the photographer and the camera. Guests wishing to utilize this feature also have the option of picking which photographer is best qualified to properly document their evening.

“We will have a wide range of specific areas of expertise in our photographers,” Michael Canon, Vice President of PhotoPass Photographer Recruiting said. “Whether guests are looking for a photographer that is good with low lighting, or one that is good with large groups of people or even good with animals and food, our PhotoPass experts will be up for the job!”

Reservations for the Romance Package will open on Wednesday, November 16 of this year, which is 90 days before Valentine’s Day.

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