Epcot’s Dreamfinder Accused of Sexual Harassment

article - dreamfinder legal troubles

Longtime Journey Into Imagination Cast Member Dreamfinder is in heaps of legal trouble after allegations of sexual harassment have surfaced. Many women have come forward alleging that they’ve fallen victim to Dreamfinder’s advances. The alleged harassment occurred sometime between 1999 and 2004.

Journey Into Imagination was a ride at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center from 1983 … Continue reading this fake story…

Disney Testing MagicBands for Restrooms

MagicBands for Restrooms

With the recent success of Disney’s new MagicBand technology, Disney Imagineers have been looking for ways to “plus it.” They may have found the solution in a common place: the restrooms.

“We’re already tracking everything the guest does: what attractions they visit, what stores they shop at, where they eat,” Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, President of Disney’s Research and Development … Continue reading this fake story…